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Video of Highway 101 Landslide in California
Looks like the Facebook video gets cropped when I embedded it here. You ca
San Francisco Millennium Tower Has Settled 16 Inches
Misrepresents actual foundation geometry. Photos show deep excavation to ne
New FHWA Soil Nail Manual Addresses LRFD, Hollow Bars
Good evening from Barcelona, Spain. I am witting to you because of I am le
Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnic
Geological engineer from Spain (looking for job smiley geoengineer.martin@gmail
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    Although nobody likes to see a failure, especially a catastrophic one, it is important to learn whatever we can from them so that the geo-community does not make the same mistakes again.
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    Geoarchaeology is a fascinating field located at the convergence of two scientific disciplines, geology/engineering and archaeology. Aspects of this field include geophysical exploration such as ground penetrating radar, photogeology, magnetometer surveys, satellite image analysis and geographic information systems or GIS.

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    I flag tons of interesting news items over the course of a week. I usually like to summarize the article when I post about it and maybe add a photo or embed a video or something. But I don't have nearly enough time to post everything I find. So I'm starting a (roughly) weekly post I'll call my Weekend Catch-Up-Post or CUP for short. In these posts, I'll simply present a bulleted list of news items I didn't have time to write about. Enjoy!

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